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Why Our PVC Windows?

Proline uPvc windows are durable and robust, giving long life, low maintenance
and high performance. They have faultless and aesthetic design that can cater to every taste
with decorative and self gasket glazing bead. Our 5 chambered multi frame windows
deliver exceptional energy efficiency helping you keep your home warm and comfortable all
year round as well as reducing your energy consumption.

Styles We Provide

Advantages Of uPVC Windows

Lower Cost

PVC windows are 35-40% cheaper than wood and aluminum products. Considering the ease of maintenance and long life, PVC doors are much more advantageous than other alternatives.

Thermal Insulation

Due to the properties of PVC windows, it is perfect for insulation against hot and cold.

Sound Insulation

PVC windows are perfect for sound insulation, especially in growing urban areas.

Ease Of Maintenance

PVC windows are easy to clean, you can easily clean your doors with liquid detergent. Profiles with PROLINE quality make your job even easier with the resistance to difficult weather conditions and light.


Considering wood products, PVC windows have a minimum life of 50 years and are one step ahead. It does not show reactions such as decay and rust. In this way, it provides a problem-free usage experience in the long-term use.

Environmental Friendly

Due to the fact that PVC windows can be recycled 100%, it gives the minimum negative effect on resource consumption in nature. Due to the low heat permeability, unnecessary excess energy consumption is also avoided. Proline PVC windows branded eco-friendly products, therefore recycling is easy.

Sample Products 

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